Pro T Outline Clippers Trimmer Electric Pro Li Outline Trimmer


The men hair clippers with titanium blade combining with the movable ceramic blade for long term cutting performance, sharpness and durability, offer you fast, safe and precise hair cutting. Cordless hair clippers has five kinds of cutting length

 T Blade Trimmer 01

GOOLEEN Pro Li Trimmer's enhanced automatic sharpened precision and durable titanium ceramic blades designed for home haircuts are durable, fast, easy, and precise for cutting hair, trimming, carving hair shape and bald head. The Professional hair clippers for men has a stylish shape, small and portable, easy to hold, which will be your ideal choice in the hair clipper. At the same time, zero gapped trimmer is also the best gift for your husband and boyfriend.

  • Close-Cutting Blade: Carbon-steel T-blade for lining, designing, and dry shaving - Zero gapped.
  • T-blade design, safety sharp not stuck hair.
  • Powerful Durable Motor, Low Noise.
  • Multiple Trendy Hairstyles: It is suitable for oil head, trimming and carving hair shape, bald head.
  • USB quick charging provides up to max 2.5 hours of run-time.
  • Ergonomic Design+Fashion Design: Small body design, easy to hold in hand, making personal haircuts easier.
Outlining Trimmer


Q: Can you do linea and designs?

A: Yes you can do line ups and designs.

Q: Is the body waterproof?

A: No it’s not a waterproof outline. Only the blades waterproof.

Q: Does it give you a clean bald shave down to the skin?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I charge this with a 240V power outlet?

A: Yes, it can on the charger input AC100v-240v.